Dress Code

We respectfully request that all members and guests respect and adhere to the club's dress code policy. These policies are in place for the betterment of all our members guests. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

Golf Course

  • No denim clothing of any style is allowed on the golf course or practice areas.
  • Golf hats and visors must be worn with the brim facing forward, shirts must be tucked in and shoes tied while on the course and throughout the Clubhouse. 
  • Golf shoes with metal spikes are prohibited on the golf course and at the practice facilities. Please be aware that shoes must be worn in all Clubhouse areas (except locker rooms) at all times. 
  • For men, t-shirts and collarless shirts are not allowed, however long-sleeve mock turtlenecks are allowed. Women’s golf shirts may be collarless with sleeves or sleeveless with collars. Tank tops and gym wear are not allowed. 
  • Appropriate golf shorts shall be no shorter than mid-thigh. Other apparel such as “skorts” (skirt over short type apparel) must also comply with the mid-thigh length.  Leggings or yoga pants, if worn, must be under a golf skirt or golf dress.  Tennis skirts, cargo shorts/pants, warmup suits, sports shorts and gym shorts are not appropriate attire on the golf course.
  • Members and their Guests are encouraged to change into their golf shoes in the Clubhouse locker rooms and not in the parking lot.
  • This dress code is mandatory for all players. If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please inquire.  


  • Denim with no holes or tears is allowed.
  • Graphic t-shirts or sweatshirts, short-shorts, tank-tops, athletic shorts and swimwear are specifically not allowed.
  • It is required that while in the Dining Room, hats and visors be removed, however they are permitted in the bar area and veranda.


  • It is specifically requested that children age 13 and above adhere to the published dress code.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be supervised in the clubhouse at all times by a parent, guardian or caregiver.